Topaz GL

This press features a modular concept design and it can be supplied even in a “tailor made” configuration but maintaining the characteristics of a standard machine.

Topaz GL is a gearless flexographic printing press featuring on–press sleeve change for both the anilox and the plate cylinders. The sleeve change is easy and very quick and the automatic positioning of the printing unit is granted by the latest generation of cnc controlled stepping motors.

The ventilation on the upper bridge is very silent thanks to a sound–proof cabin which contains the supply and exhaust fans.

  • Press reaches a maximum printing speed of 400 m/min (1312 fpm).
  • “Prismatic System” allows for quick sleeve changes.
  • Direct drive of plate sleeve mandrels and CI drum (gearless technology) and digital CT net guarantees a high register quality.
  • Automatic wash–up system.
  • Can be configured with inline flexo or gravure units for special lacquering and coating or inline lamination.
  • Large printing repeat model available.

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Technical Characteristics for Topaz GL
Models 608 GL 808 GL 613 GL
Number of Color Stations 6 8 6
Print Width inches 32-59 32-59 32-59
Max. Web Width inches 32-59 32-59 32-59
Max. Print Repeat inches 34 34 51
Max. Print Speed ft/min 1300 1300 1300

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