NXS 300


The NXS 300 is outlined by a modular ultra-compact design, suitable for very short-runs. NXS 300 is equipped with unique and innovative solutions.

Inking encapsulated
The inking system is enclosed to eliminate emissions and ink misting in the printing area. The doctor blade is extremely rigid yet lightweight. Wide range of positioning controls (angle / point) of the doctor blade at all cylinder sizes.

Combi drying system:
Powerful compact energy-saving system that allows a strong reduction of noise thanks to the combination technology.

Frontal Dual trolley:
Versatile trolley for extremely fast job changes and trolley setup. With this system you can change the cylinder, the inking system, or both at the same time.

Automatic positioning
of the doctor blade and ink tray.

Technical Characteristics for NXS 300
Models 80
Material Width inches 25,5 / 41,3
Print Repeat inches 11,8 / 31,5
Max.Speed ft/min 984,2
Material tension lbs 5,6 / 78,6
Drying Thermal oil, gas, electric, steam
Inside drying length 4,9 / 7,2 (7,8+7,8)
Diameter Reels inch 39,3
L x H x P ft 85,3 x 13,4 x 15,6 (20,6)
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