The ONYX XS is the compact version of the ONYX range featuring the latest UTECO flexo technology and designed to optimize very short runs in flexible packaging and also in label printing. In addition to conventional air drying ONYX XS can be equipped with UV lamps and EB curing unit.

ONYX XS is characterized by:

  • Flexible configuration from basic with single reel shaftless unwinder/rewinder to fully automatic ones
  • No ladders or stairs to access to upper decks
  • Between color dryers easy to remove, rotate and clean
  • New triple energy saving ventilation system “CUBE” for drying

As all the models of the ONYX range ONYX XS can be equipped with:

  • Kiss&Go®: fully automatic impression setting at the start-up
  • SmartMatch®: reliable and quick color matching
  • ChromaLab: in line spectrophotometer
  • Defect detection: 100% linear camera for detection of print defects

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Technical Characteristics for ONYX XS
Print Width inches 24-40
Web Width inches 26-42
Max. Print Repeat inches 26
Mechanical Speed ft/min 1000
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