Sapphire EVO

Hybrid digital and analogic printing for packaging

Adds new opportunities and possibilities to guide Brands from raw material suppliers to added value suppliers.

Stream Technology

Uniform dot size and accurate dot placement of the ink, regardless of coverage or material, even at very high speeds. Water based inks guarantee the minimal environmental impact.

If you can think it, you can print it!

It’s the ideal solution for “production digital“ related to short and medium runs, promotional printing with reduced production time, one shoot printing, localized small batch manufacturing, personalized products, lotteries, customized advertising, random messages: just send the file and come take your reels.


  • Plastic films PP, BOPP, PE, PET…
  • Paper

Drying and media handling: (Patent pending solution)

  • Hot air drying
  • IR ready
  • Direct drive media handling

Tailored hybrid configuration:

  • In line flex / gravure printing with in register reprint option
  • In line spot color or OPV
  • In line laminating

Lean Company

Uteco is moving ahead in the Products it offers, the technologies it studies and the innovative solutions it proposes. In this regard, the line Uteco SAPPHIRE is created, as all our machines, according to the guidelines of the Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing with the goal of the World Class Manufacturing.

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