Multi–Process Lamination: modern and compact.

  • Multi–technology system.
  • Modular and easy change of coating method with dedicated trolleys.
  • More processes in one machine: solvent base, water base, solventless coating, dry or wet lamination, in–register coating of a primer–lacquer, in register cold seal, hot melt or heat seal coating.
  • High efficiency drying tunnel.
  • CoatSmartPackMP: Uteco engineering platform for improved performance and profitability in “Multi–Process” lamination.
Technical Characteristics for Mistral
Min/Max inches 29.52/57.08
Max coating width inches 55.11
Min coating width inches 25.59
Max coating speed ft/min 1640
Unwid./rewin. max diameter inches 39.37
Unwinder tension lbs 4.49 – 89.92
Rewinder tension lbs 8.99-112.40
Max reel weight lbs 3372
LxHxP inches 374x188x259
Unwind. tension control Vector motor
Rewind. tension control Vector motor

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