Multi–Process Lamination: modern and compact.

  • Multi–technology system.
  • Modular and easy change of coating method with dedicated trolleys.
  • More processes in one machine: solvent base, water base, solventless coating, dry or wet lamination, in–register coating of a primer–lacquer, in register cold seal, hot melt or heat seal coating.
  • High efficiency drying tunnel.
  • CoatSmartPackMP: Uteco engineering platform for improved performance and profitability in “Multi–Process” lamination.
Technical Characteristics for Mistral
Models 100 130
Web Width inches 45 53
Coating Width inches 43 51
Reel Diameter inches 40 40
Max. Reel Weight lbs 2200 2200
Web Tension Range lbs 4.4/88 4.4/88
Working Speed ft/min 1150 (1640) 1150 (1640)
Coating Unit Trolley Interchangeable Interchangeable


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