Rainbow EVO

Rainbow EVO is perfect for short and long runs in solvent-less lamination. All materials suitable for food packaging can be used on the machine thanks to the web tension control. Full automation allows to save time and decrease the production costs. Thanks to an accurate and ultra ergonomic design printing on a Rainbow Evo is now safer than ever.

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Technical Characteristics for RAINBOW EVO
Max/Min web width inches 29.52/57.08
Max coating width inches 55.11
Min coating width inches 27.55
Max coating speed ft/min 1640
Unwid./rewin. max diameter inches 39.37
Unwinder tension lbs 4.49 – 89.92
Rewinder tension lbs 8.99-112.40
Max reel weight lbs 3372
L x H x P (min) inches 543x145x240
Unwind. tension control Vector motor
Rewind. tension control Vector motor

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