Horizon 4.0

Taylor-made coating and laminating technology.

The machine is predisposed for duplextriplex lamination with different type of coating technologies, such as, rotogravure, indirect gravure, flexo and semiflexo, and it is specifically designed for the production of multilayer laminates wet and dry lamination technologies.

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Technical Characteristics for HORIZON 4.0
Max/Min web printing width inches 29.52/57.08
Max coating width inches 55.11
Min coating width inches 27.55
Max coating speed ft/min 1968.50
Unwid./rewin. max diameter inches 47.24
Unwinder tension lbs 4.49 – 89.92
Rewinder tension lbs 8.99-112.40
Max reel weight lbs 3372
Unwind. tension control Vector motor
Rewind. tension control Vector motor

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