The Uteco SmartMatch®

Kiss & Go Technology The Uteco SmartMatch® consists of:
  • 1 Spectrophotometer
  • 1 SmartKitch®. It is a mobile dispensing system on wheels which can be moved near the printing press to perform the color matching procedure.

The SmartKitch® consists of:

UTECO Kiss & Go®

Kiss & Go Technology

The KISS & GO® performs the automatic set-up of the printing pressures at the start up of Every new job. This is a unique system as it can read directly the printed color on the Substrate and allows to achieve… Continue reading

UDD® Uteco Direct-Drive (patented)

Gearless Technology

This is the innovative technology featured on all Uteco gearless presses and recognized by international patent.

The absence of any kind of mechanical transmission between the main motor and the central impression drum grants:

UGT® Uteco Gearless Technology

Gearless Technology

The direct mounting of the servo motor onto the plate sleeve mandrel guarantees:

  • Unmatched precision in register control, without deterioration through time
  • Unvarying register accuracy during machine acceleration/li>
  • Completely maintenance free application

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