Digital printing meets flexo: Uteco Group & Kodak for the future of packaging

IMG_0407Today, the packaging industry is currently undergoing a strong growth and development phase, but at request corresponds the necessity of a diversified and customized product.

Therefore, the industry of packaging makes available the technological leader in packaging printing: Flexography, which combines the advantages of high quality, low cost and flexibility in production. Furthermore, flexography is able to integrate with digital technology which adds value to the exceptional personalization capabilities of variable data. So, you can get an ideal hybrid solution for the printer of flexible packaging.

The union of different print technologies like flexo and digital print, added to focused marketing strategies, give a lot of advantages for the printer itself, because the investment is repaid by economic return and by increase of brand visibility.

Thanks to the collaboration, diligence and research of Uteco Group is possible to demonstrate the feasibility of the winning project. The protagonists are Uteco Group and Kodak. During Converflex Italian and foreign clients have been able to touch the film for flexible packaging printed on a printing flexo machine Uteco Onyx 812, optimized for WetFlex printing developed thanks to the use of EB inks with Thermilox UTECO EB2 technology, equipped with two Kodak Prosper inkjet heads, the model S20, which print in black plus one spot color (red in this case)

Demo productions took place in the new technology center ConverDrome® by Uteco in Colognola ai Colli (VR). During the demonstration the maximum speed was reached with this type of application, thanks to strength of Uteco Group machines and ink-iet Kodak Prosper S-Series system. For all the technical details on a Kodak Prosper Imprinting system and Flexcen NX technology.

Futhermore the Uteco technology permits an easy and immediate integration of Kodak digital print heads.

The results of this demonstration was very positive, thanks also to EB2 Green Evolution, in wich Uteco Group believes, also on the basis own patent Thermilox┬«, that is revolutionizing flexo printing allowing for a color yield and brilliance, never before seen until now, and together with its compatibility with the many diverse legislation’s in the printing sector (food packaging, pet food, outdoor application, personal care, etc.) is also discovering markets which up until now have rejected flexographic printing. Digital technology, which has found its best application in Prosper, adds a value never experienced before thanks to the Kodak stream inkjet technology that guarantees print quality and absolute flexibility combined with record speed.

Uteco flexo printing has also found a suitable application for paper printing with its Diamond model, where performances at 800 m/min can be reached with the addition of the variable printed data of a Prosper S30.

During demonstrations, visitors have seen a simulation of production with Uteco Onyx 812, on secondary and primary packaging with the variable data Kodak. Then the visitors have seen demonstrative mock-up like proof of quality of the application.

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