Uteco partners with Target Labels & Packaging and helps them expand into the flexible packaging segment with the Onyx Flexo 808.

Bull’s Eye: Target Labels & Packaging Aims for Quality, Customer Satisfaction

Source:FLEXO® Issue September 2014, Article Bull’s Eye Target Labels & Packaging Aims for Quality, Customer Satisfaction.

In just eight years, Utah based Target Labels & Packaging has gone from focused on pressure sensitive labels to expanding into flexible packaging, short run jobs, lamination, wide web printing and converting. That diversification has been in tandem with substantial growth—pegged at between 18 percent and 35 percent each year, according the company’s President and General Manager Joshua Jenks. Here, Jenks talks with FLEXO® about the company’s history, its future and the industry.

FLEXO®: Talk about how Target Labels & Packaging got started. What are its values?

Joshua Jenks: Target Labels & Packaging is a family owned company focusing on adding value to its customers’ products. Our main focus is our team; we want employees to continue to grow inside our company
and in the community. We started as a small pressure sensitive label company in 2006 and since then we have seen consistent growth.

FLEXO®: What are some important milestones in Target Labels & Packaging’s history?

Jenks: We entered the flexible packaging market in 2009 for short run narrow web printing. In 2011, we fully invested in lamination, wide web flexo
printing, and converting. And earlier this year, we purchased a gearless high speed Uteco press.

FLEXO®: How big is the company now? Number of employees, presses, shifts?

Jenks: We have had a growth pattern of 18 percent to 35 percent each year. We run two shifts and five presses with 35 employees, with lots of room for growth.

FLEXO®: Talk about any recent purchases any other upgrades or developments Target Labels & Packaging has made lately.

Jenks: Over the past year we have updated all of our flexible packaging technology to include state of the art equipment. This includes:
• Uteco Onyx 808 flexo printing press (See Specs)
• High speed wicketer
• High speed slitter
• Flat bed bag machine
• Pouch machine
We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified and we received a Superior AIB rating.

FLEXO®: Where are Target Labels & Packaging’s primary markets? What are its primary markets?

Jenks: Our primary markets are the food industry and supplements industry. We have focused on niche runs to include conception to launch, helped manage customers’ growth through detailed planning and ran multimillion piece runs for customers on a regular basis.

FLEXO®: Talk about graphics quality at Target Labels & Packaging—its importance, challenges it presents, ways the company ensures high quality, prepress capabilities, etc.

Jenks: Recently, we updated our graphics to use Esko’s Automation Engine. This helps eliminate any errors and ensures consistency across all platforms of printing. We employ a highly skilled graphics team that is willing to help our customers make the right decisions for package decoration. We have also partnered with a design firm to help our customers with the conception of their new products.

Jenks: Process control is documented on our quality manual for ISO. We adhere to this manual to ensure everything is accounted for and traceable.

FLEXO®: Is there a particular recent job that demonstrates Target Labels & Packaging capabilities or a feature that is increasingly popular? Talk about the job—its client, run size, parameters, obstacles, etc.

Jenks: Matte/gloss finish is what is becoming more and more popular. We can create this effect on pouches, shrink sleeves, bags and
many other types of flexible packaging. A unique aspect to our process is that all of the ink—minus the matte varnish—is buried underneath the film. This helps with heat resistance and to make sure customers get the look they want from their packaging.

FLEXO®: Where has the label market gone in Target Labels & Packaging’s history?

Jenks: The label market has seen consistent growth year over year. We started simply producing pressure sensitive labels and that will always be a main staple of our business model.

FLEXO®: Talk about the label market today: Advances, growth opportunities, output, etc.

Jenks: By producing both flexible packaging and labels, we can offer a new perspective without bias to our customers. By offering multiple solutions under one roof, whether it be labels or flexible packaging, we can then help customers achieve the best solution for their projects.

FLEXO®: Where does the company see demand from consumers affecting operations? Are there any specific products seeing a surge?

Jenks: Consumers are asking for one to one communication with companies; this entails understanding the market and where other companies are being innovative. We can take our experience to add value to the products we produce by helping our customer innovate to add to product decoration for the direct contact with the consumer.

FLEXO®: Where is the label market going?

Jenks: The label market has been growing for us as we continue to add flexible packaging. The packaging and label market seem to go hand in hand.

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