The Uteco SmartMatch®

Kiss & Go Technology The Uteco SmartMatch® consists of:

  • 1 Spectrophotometer
  • 1 SmartKitch®. It is a mobile dispensing system on wheels which can be moved near the printing press to perform the color matching procedure.

The SmartKitch® consists of:

  • 14 storage containers, 4 of 10 lt and 10 of 5 lt capacity
    14 dispensing valves
  • Pneumatic pumps and piping
  • 1 automatic ink dispensing head
  • 1 dispensing pail (bucket) – up to 20 kg
  • 1 laptop with spectro software

The software functions are:

  • Link to the spectro for the automatic ink formulation and correction
  • Link to Uteco press to know the ink status
  • Interface with the eventual main dispensing system
  • Synoptic which shows the current state of the storage levels
  • Optimization of the return management
  • Storage of every data required for ISO 9000 traceability
  • More than 100 reports available

How the system works:
By reading the image of reference and the printed image with the spectrophotometer and transferring the data to the
SmartKitch® which takes care of the preparation of the proper color correction. The proper quantity (weight) of color
correction is given in the dispensing bucket and utilized by the printer to adjust that specific color directly on press.

Advantages of the SmartMatch®:
The standard process of color matching requires several corrections to get to the right color.
With the SmartMatch® and through the use of the SmartKitch®, only two steps are needed to get to the right color.

The advantages of the system are:

  • Reduction of press down time to color matching
  • It gives more flexibility on color demand
  • It allows fine tuning of colors nearby the printing press
  • It gives the exact quantity of needed ink
  • It gives report of ink consumption
  • It allows to keep ink cost under control
  • It is linked to the Main Ink Dosing System
  • It gives traceability (ISO certified)
  • It gives automatic update of ink formulation
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